FlexCheck Auto

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Introducing...FlexCheck Auto!

FlexCheck Auto takes the power of a shop’s inspection process and puts it in the palm of your technician's hand so that pictures, video and vehicle specific notes about a vehicle’s condition can be shared quickly with vehicle owners. This simple, fully customizable system is designed to operate on any Android device, and the Service Writer Portal can be accessed via a Chrome browser. It improves technician efficiency in the bays, service writer efficiency at the counter, increases average repair order and builds trust with vehicle owners.

Savvy shop owners use vehicle inspections to find additional work on a vehicle that the vehicle owner may not know is needed. The most successful shop owners fully inspect every car, every time. It benefits the vehicle owner more than the shop because most vehicle owners want their autos to be reliable.

Today’s vehicle owners want to receive their vehicles health status electronically, this makes FlexCheck Auto the most transparent way to do sell auto repair. 

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"Consistent, efficient, thorough; Guided Digital Vehicle Inspections (GDVI) makes experienced technicians better and entry-level technicians more efficient."


FlexCheck Auto — The Only 100% Guided Inspection Platform

               Having  a digital list of all things that need to be inspected, with a set of written procedures to follow is more efficient than paper and pencil. However, using a guided inspection increases efficiency even further because the software guides the technician through each inspection. Guided inspections can help less experienced technicians produce a higher quality inspection that is on par with senior technician production.  More experienced technicians are more efficient with FlexCheck Auto because it saves the hassle and time of trying to remember the fastest way to perform an inspection.

                 Our belief is that management should set the standard for how their team members are completing the inspection. It takes a little effort on the front side to set up a inspection template that works perfect for your shop, but once implemented, every team member in the shop will perform inspections the same way. This means the vehicle owner is getting the same quality inspection regardless of what technician is performing it.  Learn more here: 

Here's What Our Customers Say...

“The ability to send pictures and videos features lets the customer have a better understanding of what we’re recommending to them, this increased transparency has been extremely valuable to our shop. Translating to an over $100 increase in ARO since implementing FlexCheck Auto

“To the customer, the problem with their car becomes real, not just someone talking to them about it. I have one customer who would consistently not buy our recommended repairs. Once they saw theFlexCheck Auto report with photos and videos, they authorized the repairs right away.”

“The biggest benefit to my shop has been increasing my average repair order and average billable hour per RO. We are billing out almost an hour more per repair order and boasting more than a $100 increase in ARO since implementing FlexCheck Auto.”

- Duane Beers: Owner, Highland Park Auto, NJ

Designed for Handheld Devices!

           FlexCheck Auto works on small platform devices! Full size and even mini size tablets look cool with their big screen but the reality is that big screen doesn’t help a technician with inspecting or collecting information from a vehicle being inspected. Let’s face it, that iPad isn’t going to fit in your shirt pocket, so every time you need your hands you’ll need to find a place to set the iPad or tablet down. Plus, tablets don't fit into the small spaces that we often want to get a picture in. These issues all decrease inspection efficiency. By utilizing a smart phone, the device can slide right into your pocket as you go from task to task, always ready to grab with one hand and input data. Purposely engineered to work on small screens, utilizing simple graphics, with large readable fonts; this makes navigation a snap on FlexCheck Auto. Don’t have a smartphone? Maybe you prefer working with a tablet? That’s okay too, FlexCheck Auto runs great on tablets; (you’ll just need to use two hands).

           Created by a successful auto technician with 23 years experience of working in the bays. FlexCheck Auto is robust software, designed for everyday technicians in real shop situations. Built with flexibility, speed, and accuracy in mind from day one, FlexCheck Auto will save you hours and allow your team to collect inspection data more efficiently. 

Software That Grows With Your Needs!

                   As great as most shop owners and service managers are, even the best inspection template can be missing a key part. FlexCheck Auto was built around a one-of-a-kind Self Intelligent Data Base (SIDB) that allows the technician to quickly add a missing field. One click of a button and the technician can type or speak the missing component and the SIDB will install that new field as a button for all future inspections. Install it once and it will remain, unless removed by the shop administrator. Your FlexCheck Auto inspection templates will be highly customized to suit your shop from day one and will also learn and adapt over time to be a seamless addition to your shops customer service arsenal.

Cloud Based Software

                  FlexCheck Auto is cloud-based software, this means low PC costs for the shop. Gone are the days of mandatory high horsepower PC's, with FlexCheck Auto all you need is a browser and you’ll have full access to the Service Writer Portal. Advantages beyond low PC costs include being able to handle your shop's business needs while on the go and the flexibility of not needing a dedicated PC; our software will run on a $150 Chromebook!

Intuitive Service Writing

               FlexCheck Auto offers customizable, canned email and text systems and global inspection templates that can be reconfigured or built from scratch. Build the inspection you want your shop to perform and automate most of your service writer duties. Each inspection flows into the Service Writer Portal with technician recommendations on parts and time; this will aid your writer in finalizing the estimate. The inspection automatically loads into a custom email template for your writer to add prices into; once reviewed the writer clicks send and your client receives an email and/or a text with the information they need to make an informed decision about their vehicle's repair needs. 

     Higher Average Repair Orders          

          FlexCheck Auto is a powerful tool that has the ability to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and provide a detailed current health status, including items that immediately need to be addressed and items that definitely need attention down the road. Informed consumers make better decisions. Because fixing a car is usually the best economical decision, folks that have a clear picture of their car’s health tend to invest more aggressively into keeping the car on the road. Folks that feel confident they know their car’s health status are far more likely to get that $4,000 transmission job.

             Build Customer Loyalty

          FlexCheck Auto provides clear and concise communication between the shop and the customer that encourages informed decision-making for the vehicle owner. Informed consumers don’t experience buyers remorse and vehicle owners are generally capable of reading a document and making a buying decision OR at least able to come up with questions they need the service writer to answer. Thorough inspection reports are a transparent way to cultivate customer loyalty.

Get FlexCheck Auto Now!

Retail subscription rate is $295 per month. Contact us today to find a special promotional rate in your area. FlexCheck Auto app is compatible with any Android device and the Service Writer Portal can be accessed via Chrome browser on any desktop or laptop. 

ASA Members receive a discounted base subscription rate of $114.00 per month
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If you are not satisfied with FlexCheck Auto, simply cancel your subscription within the first 30 days and you will not be charged.